Fruitful Coordinator


This summer I will be heading off on Maternity leave which opens up a great opportunity for someone to cover ‘London’s Juices Job’ as Fruitful Coordinator. So I thought to myself, what better chance than this for me to wax lyrical on how amazing this role is and why you all need to get applying immediately!

One of my favourite aspects of this unique role is just how varied it is. I can be juicing with the students in the morning, up to my elbows in cored Apples and Orange peelings and then by the afternoon be on the phone to the Mayor of Londons office arranging a Fruitful Pop up at City Hall! I run 3 Fruitful sessions a week where I teach the trainees skills such as ‘Customer Service’, ‘Hygiene’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Money Skills. In addition to this, we attend roughly 2 events a month where we get to visit new places and meet new people. We even have a chance to squeeze in the odd Fruitful field trip like Apple Gleaning in Kent, to pick our own produce.

The fact that me and the Fruitful trainees began on this fruity journey at the same time has made it extra special. We have all been learning together. I also really enjoy how creative this role allows you to be through the social media posts, the possible overuse of fruit-based puns in everything I do be it newsletters, emails or blogs and coming up with great themed/quirky juice names with the trainees. Here are a few of our favourites;

*’Blood (Orange), Sweat and Tears’ – when popping up at Fitness First gym

*’Keep Calm and Carrot on’

* ‘The Pear of London’ and ‘Fruiting Broadway’ – When we popped up at City hall as a nod to the Mayor of London and his home town (Tooting Broadway)

Over the last year, Fruitful has popped up at over 30 corporates including Sage in The Shard, we have made relationships with local gyms and food markets, I have created a Training Reward Scheme to help document the progress of the students. We have got uniforms, perfected our prepping and got more adventurous with our juice recipes. I am so proud of what we have achieved so far and we have big plans for the future so there is plenty for someone covering the role to get their teeth into.

That’s enough from me though, I asked the trainees what qualities they thought a person needed to be a Fruitful Coordinator, here’s what they said:

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